Leo Mills and Associates, Inc.

Surveying - Land Planning - Environmental Consulting

Both Boundary Surveys and Reports are performed and completed to meet or exceed the Minimum Technical Standards for surveying in the State of Florida. We take great pride in closely reviewing the descriptions of both the property that we are surveying and that of the adjacent owners. From commercial parcels and A.L.T.A. Surveys to Boundary Surveys of large tracts, we have the experience that your project deserves. We use modern electronic total stations and integrate GPS positioning when practical. Plats are prepared in accordance with Chapter 177 of the Florida Statutes and the Land Development Code of the governing entity approving them.

Additional Services

In addition to Boundary Surveys, our firm is experienced in all facets of the Surveying discipline. Please refer to the Consumer Information section of this website for other types of surveys Leo Mills & Associates, Inc. can provide.

Boundary Surveys