Leo Mills and Associates, Inc.

Surveying - Land Planning - Environmental Consulting

Special Purpose Surveys – Not all surveying work falls between boundary surveying and construction staking. We have experience providing special project expertise in such areas as volumetric calculations for stock piles or borrow pits, sight distance determination, GPS positioning for latitude/longitude, backwater flooding determinations, geological location work and subsurface modeling, just to name a few.

Flood Plain Consulting – As more development occurs around flood prone areas, more regulatory issues arise. Leo Mills & Associates is proud to offer the services of a Certified Floodplain Manager (C.F.M.), as well as those of a professional Land Surveyor and Land Planner in addressing your concerns with development in these areas. Most issues arise from the elevation of the flood plain as related to insured structures. If F.E.M.A. has published a base flood elevation, we can simply relate mean sea level to your structure and complete the Elevation Certificate. If there is not a published base flood elevation, we can coordinate our efforts with a Professional (hydrologic) engineer to establish the base flood elevation.

Feasibility Studies – Before purchasing a tract of land most buyers have an array of questions that must be answered, either for their peace of mind or to satisfy lending requirements. The Scope of Service varies from project to project, but we are able to provide the necessary information needed for most acquisitions.

Leo Mills & Associates, Inc. does not limit our Scope of Services to boundary surveys and development work. We are able to provide Environmental Mapping Services for local development projects. For projects requiring State or Federal permitting, our relationship with proven professionals in the environmental field can prove invaluable in negotiating permit requirements.

Environmental Consulting and Specialty Surveys