Leo Mills and Associates, Inc.

Surveying - Land Planning - Environmental Consulting

Our credentials and experience are solid in this area, and we welcome new clients who need help in resolving conflicts and questions. We are very proud of the reputation that we have with the legal community in our region.

In some cases, a client may simply need to explore the feasibility of a tract that is under consideration for purchase. We often provide the service of checking a tract’s zoning, topography, flood plain status, environmental impacts, etc. When a project requires specialized expertise beyond our in-house capabilities, we are able to call upon over 40 years of professional relationships with other professionals and firms.

Increasing property values and ever-changing ownership in our region have brought on an increased need in our area for expert witness testimony and consulting in conjunction with an increasing number of boundary and property disputes.

Our expertise in Land Boundary Litigation (more than 82 combined years of Professional Land Surveyor experience) can provide your attorney with the proven experience and credible expert witness testimony necessary in coordinating the most effective case for your interest.

Leo Mills & Associates, Inc. has experience and expertise in helping developers and builders from small commercial sites to large residential developments. From the initial Boundary Survey to the recorded Final Plat/As-Built, we can provide or assist with all professional services.

Land Planning & Litigation